Monday, April 21, 2014

[27.01.2014] Gong Hyo Jin becomes new muse for hat muti-brand shop ‘HAT'S ON’


Actress Gong Hyo Jin has been chosen as a new face of ‘HATSON.’ 

‘HAT'S ON’ is a hat multi-brand store that sells various hats of more than 30 different global brands. As a new spokesperson, Gong Hyo Jin will introduce various styles of hats.
Gong Hyo Jin is one of the biggest fashion icons in Korea. She once wore a ‘HAT'S ON’ hat from her previous drama ‘The Greatest Love’ and it was completely sold out after the episode aired.  

The official of ‘HAT'S ON’ said, “Gong Hyo Jin is the best model who can express the brand’s fashionable, chic image. With her great sense of fashion, she and ‘HAT'S ON’ will introduce various hat styles this year.”

Meanwhile, Gong Hyo Jin’s ‘HAT'S ON’ Ad campaign will be revealed in February.

Source: Yahoo

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