Friday, February 21, 2014

The avatar story

I love Hyo-jin the best when she's at home, bare face, hair loosely braided. She is in her comfy sweater and tattered jean, sitting on the floor with her poodle friend running around sniffing things. In front of her is an old pair of jeans she's going to refresh by some acrylic touch-ups. Maybe her room is filled with the lovely smell of a hot coffee mug somewhere beside her and morning light that comes from her giant window with doors wide opened. I can't help imagining that there was music playing when this photo was taken, and then wonder to myself countless time which song she had picked, or maybe she was happily humming her favorite one to the peaceful silence in her surrounding. That moment she is not an actress or a fashionista. That moment she is only Gong Hyo-jin. The Hyo-jin she described in her Gong Chek, the Hyo-jin she wants people to perceive, the Hyo-jin that I appreciate the most

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