Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quick note about me & ihearthyojin


My name is Vien Duong.
Some of you may have known me as shipper91 at soompi (hello there soompi pals :D).
I was born in 1991. And I am a Gong Hyo Jin lover.

In real life, I am basically an introvert person; and sometimes a social awkward. 
There are reasons that I chose to stay in two seperated identities, having 2 tumblrs and even 2 email addresses. My Vien Duong life is virtual, but the happiness is real. This is an experience I appreciate and have made it a point to never let these identities overlapped.

This blog was created initially for a much personal purpose. I needed a place to store all the interviews that I had translated and information about Hyo-jin that I came across, so I can stop browsing the internet in vain when I need something. Besides, I have this werid obssession over arranging stuff while blogspot is pretty systematic. 

Basically, ihearthyojin including 7 categories:

1_Introduction/ Giới thiệu: brief about blog and blogger, Hyo-jin's timeline of personal and professional lives. I am still working on it. 

2_Hyo-jin on the move: news about her projects, work trips, official appearances, etc. 

3_Interviews/ Phỏng vấn: her interviews. English ones are compiled from the internet and most of Vietnamese ones are my translation.

4_Random facts/ Lượm lặt: background informations, facts about her that we may not know. 

5_Hyo-jin daily: Hyo-jin's update on social networks or messages she sent to us fans.

6_Writing pieces/ Viết lách: nice Hyo-jin-related writings that I came across but most of them are my buzzing about fan-girl life haha. 

7_Kkolections: Hyo-jin's pictures or gifs.

Besides, Me on the net is my other social network pages. Feel free to contact me if there is anything that I can help.

Thank you and have fun reading!

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