Saturday, February 8, 2014

10 reasons why I love Gong Hyo Jin

 1_ I love her because I have never been a fan of any Korean celebrities, not to the extent that I have this desperate need to let them know, but I can't help but falling harder and harder for her charms. Hyo Jin is my first and only bias in Kbiz land.

2_ I love her because I think she is exceptionally beautiful. Actresses like Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Kyo do have the perfect glamorous face but it's only Hyo Jin that I literally can't take my eyes off of :">

3_ I love her because her acting is just phenomenal. Even when I was live-streaming without subtitles and could hardly understand the situation, my eyes started to tear up as soon as I saw her crying or trying to hold back the tears, simply because she made the pain so genuine and vivid to me. She has true talent.

4_ I love her because never in my entire life had I thought I would be this much affected by fictional characters and people I have never met (or will never be able to meet) but Hyo Jin and her characters ended up making me laugh and cry, taught me lessons too. Seo Yoo-kyung never fails to put an ear-to-ear grin on my face and at the same time show me what's like to be persistent and determine. Lee Young-shin is personally my all-time favourite. I remember being lost in the traumatic yet beautiful world of Thank You for nearly half of a year after the drama ended. I can even picture myself years from now on, re-watching Thank You over and over again with the same anticipation, emotion and satisfaction like the very first time. Young-shin and her story will always be my biggest inspiration and motivation to live properly, in a positive grateful kind of way. Goo Ae Jung and Tae Gong Shil too, I can talk about them all day :3. Drama after drama, the more I come to appreciate the experiences and lessons I acomplished, the more I love, respect and thank Hyo Jin for always being responsibly careful when it comes to drama choices.

5_ I love her because she writes. I am a book lover and have a thing for writing. Plus her music taste is so fine.

6_ I love her because of how she makes it a point to put a clear separation between personal and professional life. She may be an actress and a fashionista but off-work she is a daughter who helps her mom go through menopause, a sister who can share concerns with her younger brother. Family ties are important to me and something that I value, that's why I love her even more.

7_ I love her because to me she is not just a top-star to admire from afar, but more like a person that I can actually relate to and learn things from, a person I would always want to be friend with. Thanks to her, I have come to appreciate my true self, think positive, eat healthy, smile often, be chill with the environment too.

8_ I love her because she deals with interview questions in such a smart, fun kind of way, but also sincere and get right to the point. Translating any Hyojin-relating thing into Vietnamese is my personal stress reliever ^^.

9_ I love her because everything about her is different. Showbiz is cruel yet she stays positive, straight-forward and honest. She is cool and fearless on the outside, but shy and thoughtful on the inside. This thing may sound conflicted but somehow it makes sense to me, especially after reading her interviews and watching Project 577. There's something about Hyo Jin that makes her so real and unique.

10_ I love her because of her smile, so bright, radiant and contagious. Even an introvert like a certain someone feels comfortable around her, she is a true happy virus.

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